Costume and Weapon Policy


The Verde Valley Comic Expo (VVCE) encourages full participation of its patrons and promotes a dress code aligned with the themes of the event, including commercial and/or handmade costuming and cosplay.


To ensure the safety of all attendees, guests, exhibitors, and staff members for the duration of the show, the VVCE has rules in place regarding costumes, props, and prop weapons.




      Costumes, props and prop weapons suitable for a family-oriented public event are encouraged.

      All props and prop weapons must be non-functional and peace banded at entry or purchase. 

      Costumes, props and prop weapons must never present a threat of harm to self or others.

      Use of a prop or prop weapon in an inappropriate, negligent, or threatening manner will result in confiscation of the item and/or removal from the event.

      Respect for these policies and for one another is expected and will be enforced throughout the duration of the event.


If you are not willing to comply with the following policies, please do not wear a costume, or bring props and/or prop weapons.




The Verde Valley Comic Expo is a family-oriented event hosted by City of Cottonwood entities for the benefit of the larger community. We encourage creativity and also value safety and good judgment. In that spirit, we require that attire worn and props used for costuming and/or cosplay adhere to community standards typical of a public educational institution.


      The VVCE reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis what is considered a prohibited costume, prop or prop weapon.

      If your costume/cosplay is deemed offensive to the casual observer, you will be requested to modify your costume to meet the event standards, or denied entry.

      If the VVCE staff considers any prop or weapon prop to be dangerous, at entry or any time during the event, you will be asked to remove that item from the premises, or it will be confiscated by VVCE staff.

      If your costume, prop or weapon prop is confiscated, it will be tagged with your name and held by the VVCE staff. It will be returned to you when you exit the event. Please have a valid government-issued identification card with you to claim your confiscated item(s).


The VVCE will not be held responsible for damage or loss of any items brought to the event, including those confiscated under its possession. When in doubt, leave it at home.


The VVCE will not condone any displays of disrespect which may be deemed to isolate, threaten or endanger any event attendee, guest, exhibitor, and staff member and may be grounds for immediate removal from the event venue.


This behavior may include, but is not limited to:


      Touching any individual and/or their belongings without consent

      Exhibiting aggressive behavior, violence/threats or intimidation

      Making offending gestures or poses

      Brandishing costume, prop or weapon props in any manner that may be perceived as aggression, inside or outside the event

      Making offending comments

      Swearing excessively


Arguing with the decision of VVCE staff over the interpretation of offending behavior or the inadmissibility of a costume, prop or prop weapon is grounds for removal from the event premises without a refund.




Costumes must adhere to general community standards. Please take into consideration these additional guidelines:

        Costume design should align with common industry ratings of “PG-13.”

        Clothing which by nature exposes excessive portions of the skin may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.

        Excessively torn clothing or loose fitting clothing which may drag on the ground may create a potential trip hazard.

        Clothing with multiple layers which could obscure prohibited objects may be subject to search upon entry.

        Bare feet pose a health risk. Appropriate footwear is required at all times.

        When taking photos, participants should avoid doorways where crowds may be present.




All props and prop weapons must conform to federal, state, and local laws. They must also conform to the policies of this venue and those of the Verde Valley Comic Expo. These policies are in place to ensure the safety of all event attendees, guests, exhibitors, and staff members.


      The VVCE reserves the right to prohibit any prop or prop weapon that is deemed a potential hazard to self or others.

      Props and prop weapons must be non-functional and easily distinguishable from real weapons.

      Military, police, or firefighter costumes must be identified to security as costumes upon entry.

      Metal armor and shields must have dull edges and not pose a threat of potential injury. Sharp objects, pointed objects or materials may strike other attendees.


Peace Bonding


      All costume props and weapons must be inspected and peace bonded prior to entry. Do not attempt to peace bond a prop yourself.  VVCE Security staff will have specialized tags available at entry.

      Peace bonding is mandatory for entry. Tags must remain on props and may not be removed while on the premises.

      Costumes, props or prop weapons purchased from vendors will be peace bonded by the VVCE security staff to conform to event rules.

      If a peace bonding tag comes off or is broken, please see VVCE Security staff to have a new tag placed on your costume, prop or weapon prop.


Prop firearms and projectiles:


      No metal or metal composite replica firearms will be permitted (e.g. metal airsoft guns, metal replica western revolvers with plugged barrels).

      Commercial prop firearms must have a red or orange cap at the end of the barrel.

      Prop firearms will have zip ties attached to their triggers for peace bonding at entry, indicating that they are non-functional as weapons and safe for display.

      Prop weapons capable of firing projectiles (such as Nerf guns, airsoft guns, slingshots) must be rendered inoperable.

      Projectiles of any kind are forbidden. This includes airsoft ammo, Nerf darts/arrows, water, "exploderz", fluids or any other substances, soft or hard, which can be fired from a weapon.

      Bows may be strung, but only loosely in a manner that would not allow them to be fired. Arrows must be bundled and zip-tied into a quiver. Arrows may not be placed on the bow in a firing position at any time. Arrow props must not have tips and must not be fired under any circumstances.

      Sharpened blades of any kind are not permitted. If a prop sword, ax or spear is made of steel or of a similar metal, it must be secured inside a sheath. At no time shall a metal blade be removed from its sheath. Sufficiently blunt wooden staves and bullwhips are permitted, subject to peace bonding at entry.


Violations of the above costume, prop and prop weapon guidelines may result in ejection from the VVCE without refund and possibly the notification of local law enforcement.


Remember, security will be present throughout the event. Event safety is everyone's responsibility. If you see something suspicious, please report it!


We can all be superheroes. Thank you for attending!


Our collective awareness and adherence to event policies ensures a positive experience for all event attendees, guests, exhibitors, and staff members, and promotes our aim to perpetuate and grow this community gathering of all comic enthusiasts.