Sean Sautter is a Writer, Artist / Cartoonist with an art style that invokes smiles and joy. For many years he has exhibited across the great state of Arizona, creating art that has graced badges for special events, as well as company mascots for local businesses.

Sean's passion for art extends to teaching children, and encouraging them to be creative, believe in themselves, and pursue their dreams. With his workshops and keynotes, Sean doesn’t just teach art, he promotes acceptance, while encouraging personal growth for the future generation.

"What brings me more joy than anything", Sean says with a grin, "is seeing the smiles that I have helped create through my art and presentations."

He is currently working on two projects right now, one of which is writing and illustrating his own children’s book series called "Seany Poo".

He lives in Avondale, AZ with his wife, two sons, and daughter.